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The Typography Masterclass - Session 1, 11-01-2021

Session 1 – The basics of typography
(recorded on Mon 11-01- 21)

The Typography Masterclass – Session 2, 18-01-21

Session 2 – Designing with typography: choosing & pairing typefaces
(recorded on Mon 18-01-21)

In the second session, we learnt more about the art of pairing typefaces and worked on finding the best type combination for the Synaptic Travels website.

The Typography Masterclass – Session 3, 25-01-2021

Session 3 – Design with typography: hierarchy & styling
(recorded on Mon 25-01- 21)

We created hierarchy and styling and  a page design using just pure text – no colour or any other design element. It's possible!

Downloadable assets

Cheatsheets, infographics and slides to remind yourselves of what you learnt, at a glance.

The Typography Masterclass – The workshop edition

Increase conversions, improve UX & SEO, nail branding & add value to your business by mastering typography

Do you often wish you knew how to make typography both beautiful and accessible? Are you struggling to find the right typeface for clients’ projects or for yourself?

If you know me at all, you probably know that I always say that typography is one of the most important skills that you should learn if you create any kind of content.

The web these days is still 95% typography: and while I can't prove this figure, I'm sure it's a good approximation. Just look at your own website, or at Facebook for instance: it's all about text.

Design with typography: transform the way you approach any project that has words in it

So, if you want to make sure that your typography is always both beautiful and accessible, if you want to always nail your typeface pairings and branding, if you want to design with typography using a "content-first" approach – then you will simply love this typography masterclass that I ran in January 2021.

Three live sessions of around 3 hours each, packed with essential information as well as exercises.

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